If you’re looking for free-range

creative talents, you’re in the right place.

Tell the truth: every time you pick up a carton of eggs and read “free-range hens”, you start imagining how the poor battery-laying hens feel. Crammed into cages with their biological rhythms altered by artificial lighting, antibiotics and uncontrolled feed. And have you ever asked yourself how it works for the creative talents crowded into the big ad agencies and multinational companies? If you think that what you’ve just read might resemble their work-life, don’t hesitate to call us. You’ll discover an ad agency where the creative talents eat a bit of everything: from sushi to pistachio ice cream, from vegan cuisine to cacio e pepe pasta. A place where they adore coming up with ideas in an open space dedicated to them, where they sleep when they need to and get up early if they must meet with a client. And their “eggs”, genuine and guaranteed, cost a lot less than the ones produced in battery.


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